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We shape lives and open eyes!

Year 9 Parent

"The experiences he has had this past week, I know will shape his whole life ahead - it's opened his eyes to the wide world and the possibilities within it."

We swim with sharks!

Students have the opportunity to join a shark cage dive tour with a shark biologist onboard to accompany the group to answer any questions, talk about the amazing animals and discuss any fears and misunderstandings about the plight and dangers of sharks. This trip offers the potential to view Great White sharks, Bronze Whalers and Cow Sharks. 


We climb mountains!

Expedition groups will also get the chance to explore the fascinating city of Cape Town. Take a hike up and ride the cable car down the famous Table Mountain before trying some of the local cuisines in Cape Town's harbour markets and exploring the shops and museums.

We snorkel for science!

Our students don't just snorkel, they study the marine environment and are taught skills of data collection that contribute to our ever growing research on the sharks of false bay. Our citizen science projects focus on the marine life of False bay including stingrays, cape fur seals, whales, sea birds and of course the many different species of shark that are unique to this region.


We clean for conservation!

It's important to us that our groups give something back to the community they visit. Our students take part in beach cleans as well as in-water harbour cleans allowing us to study the marine debris that damages our local eco systems.

We sail the ocean blue!

Our research vessel gives our groups the chance to sail around False bay carrying out microplastics sampling and dropping baited video recorders to see exactly what is living below the surface.


We sundown with penguins!

You can't come to Cape Town and not see the penguins, they are literally our neighbours. Each morning and each evening you can watch them return to the shore to tend to their nests along with seeing their famous home, Boulders Beach.

We give you stories you'll tell for years!

​If you want to give your students an experience of a lifetime and give them a unique opportunity which they can’t get anywhere else then what are you waiting for?

Contact us today to start planning your trip!

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