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Conservation in action

Harbour Clean

Engage in a meaningful act of conservation with a harbour clean in the picturesque Simons Town harbour.

harbour clean ready group


This hands-on initiative is conservation in action, offering students a firsthand glimpse into the detrimental effects of debris and plastic waste on ocean ecosystems. The importance of this endeavour is underscored by past encounters, such as a student's discovery of an octopus inside a discarded jam jar during a previous trip, highlighting the urgent need for marine stewardship.

Snorkel Skills Put to Good Use

With snorkel gear donned and determination in their hearts, students plunge into the waters of the harbour, ready to tackle the task at hand. Armed with floating bins and a sense of purpose, they scour the seabed, retrieving any debris and plastic waste that threatens the delicate balance of marine life. As they navigate the underwater landscape, students witness firsthand the extent of human impact on the ocean, from discarded bottles and fishing nets to fragments of plastic pollution.

habour clean
Harbour clean 2

Protecting Our Oceans

As the clean-up draws to a close, students emerge from the water, their bins brimming with collected rubbish, a tangible testament to their collective efforts. Gathering on the shoreline, they take stock of the debris retrieved, reflecting on the potential harm it could have inflicted on the marine environment if left. This grim realisation fuels their commitment to ongoing conservation efforts and inspires them to advocate for sustainable practices that protect our oceans and the creatures that inhabit them.

It's Our Responsibility

The harbour clean-up serves as more than just a physical endeavour; it is a transformative experience that fosters a deeper connection to the marine world and instils a sense of responsibility for its preservation. Through their actions, students not only contribute to the immediate improvement of the harbour ecosystem but also become ambassadors for change in their communities, spreading awareness and inspiring others to take action. As they depart from Simons Town harbour, students carry with them a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to continue their efforts in safeguarding the oceans for generations to come.


Harbour Clean group at end
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