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Immerse yourself in an underwater wonderland

Learn to Free Dive

The waters surrounding South Africa boast over 2,000 fish species, predominantly tropical and subtropical, with approximately 16 percent being endemic species, unique to this region. With the help of our fully trained instructors you'll be making new fishy friends in no time!

pyjama shark

Abundant Diversity

Every moment brings new discoveries and awe-inspiring encounters with the marine life that thrives in these waters.


Whether you're a seasoned free diver or embarking on your first underwater adventure, False Bay promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the beauty and diversity of South Africa's coastal ecosystems.

Fully Guided by Professionals

The idea of swimming in open water might be daunting for some, but rest assured that our team of highly skilled and fully trained diving instructors will have you gliding through the waves in no time.

Starting with an introduction to free diving seminar meticulously detailing safety protocols to ensure every student's comfort and confidence before taking to the water.


students ready to snorkel
kid looking underwater

All Abilities Included

Once in the water, the instructors will observe a swim test in shallow water to gauge each student’s swimming ability before heading out of the bay.

Surrounding Simons Town lie numerous bays, each offering a unique sights and thrills. Students have the choice to remain close to the shore in a group or venture further out with the more adventurous swimmers.

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