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Relax into South African Culture

Welcome Braai

As soon as you arrive in Simons Town we immerse you in the vibrant culture of South Africa with a warm welcome Braai, an experience that goes beyond food and embodies the spirit of community that the locals embrace.

Braai foods

More Than a Meal

As students gather around the crackling fire, the aromas of sizzling meats and savoury dishes fill the air, setting the stage for an evening of shared stories and newfound friendships.

At the welcome Braai, students have the opportunity to sample the rich array of flavours that define South African cuisine. From succulent boerewors sausages to tender marinated meats, each dish is a testament to the country's diverse culinary heritage. Vegetarian options are included, ensuring that everyone can partake in the feast.

Friendships Forged in the Flames

Amidst the laughter and chatter, students have the chance to forge connections with their group mates. The welcoming atmosphere of the Braai fosters a sense of belonging, laying the foundation for lasting friendships to grow throughout their time together.

In addition to mingling with their fellow students, students can meet the Cape ED staff, who are on hand to offer guidance, support, and a warm South African welcome. Whether sharing insights into the local culture, answering questions about the program, or simply sharing stories around the fire, the Cape ED staff play an integral role in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

welcome braai atmosphere
fire embers of braai

Memories for a Lifetime

As the evening draws to a close and the last embers of the fire fade, students depart the welcome Braai with full hearts and full bellies, eager to embark on their educational journey with newfound friends and a deeper appreciation for the richness of South African culture.

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