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Anyone can be a citizen scientist and there is no requirement for you to be studying a particular subject such as geography or biology.
In fact, we think it is more important that everyone has the opportunity to learn about the environment and everyone has a chance to make a difference to the worlds oceans. That’s why we want you to sign up to our Cape ED programme!

You will learn about the many varieties of marine life that live around the South African coastline, you will get up close and personal in the water with several species of shark including leopard sharks, pyjama sharks, cow sharks and maybe even the greatest of all, the Great White Shark.
You will see penguins at home in the blistering heat, an incredible array of hunting birds of prey and possibly one of our Baboon troops if they decide to venture down the mountains.
You will spend an unforgettable week that will also involve sightseeing around Cape Town and the chance to reach the peak of Table mountain! It will truly be the best week of your life!


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