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5 Easy plastic free swaps for when you're on the go!

1) Avoid cling film as it cannot be recycled, use beeswax wraps. You can buy these online and they can be washed and used time and time again! Tin foil can be recycled so if you are using it, drop it into the right bin!

2) Plastic bags and bread bags often can’t be recycled at home but they can be taken to your local Morrisons which do accept this type of plastic. Warburtons standard bread comes in wax paper which cannot be recycled however it can be used again as a much cheaper alternative to the beeswax wraps mentioned before.

3) Ditch the straw! They stay on earth for almost 200 years and most people use them for no longer than 20 mins. Thankfully many places are now opting for paper straws or only giving them out to people who ask for them. If you really really need to have a straw in your life, you can buy reusable metal or glass ones for a few pounds.

4) Coffee on the go? Around 7 million un-recyclable coffee cups go to land fill every day! If you have to use one, go topless if you can! Some places will only serve you with a plastic lid on for health and safety reasons (if you have read our blog about our plastic free month you will know this makes us sad) but if you can, ask for it without the lid. Even better is to plan ahead and take your own with you, many places have started to offer a discount if you take your own. I use my YETI which I can’t recommend enough. Only problem is they are American and they cost quite a bit to get here in the UK but in my view they are worth every penny! Or cent to be more accurate.

5) Tea bags - hard to believe but the majority of tea bags contain micro plastics which are finding their way up the food chain after being ingested by fish and even mosquitos! There are some brands such as Tea Pigs that are plastic free but they are significantly more expensive than regular supermarket brands. Apparently PG Tips are looking to make their bags plastic free in the future so look out for that!

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